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Understanding your strengths and weaknesses

What are your school’s strengths and, even more importantly, its weaknesses?

How can you find out?

What should you do about it when you do find out?

The Practical Marketing Workbook for Schools shows you how. Sounds simple? Well most businesses and other organisations do this very poorly!

It is all too easy to ‘gloss over’ the weaknesses and view you, and your school, through rose-tinted spectacles

Understanding the opportunities and threats you face

There must be lots of opportunities and hardly any threats, right? Again the experience of the commercial sector is that failure to understand both sides of the equation can lead to disaster.

The Practical Marketing Workbook for Schools explains simple but powerful techniques that you can use time and time again. Understand the ‘positioning’ of your school and you are far better placed to move forward with confidence.

How about this example?

A senior manager from the LEA offices had just come to ‘sell’ a continuation of building maintenance work to the Head Teacher as funding was to be transferred to the school. The manager promised that "we will ensure that you receive the same standards in the future that you have enjoyed in the past".

This guaranteed failure! Maintenance work had always been a major concern. Work invariably took months to complete, or even to start. Quality was perceived as shoddy and costs had been unbelievably high.

And here we are being promised more of the same!



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