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Marketing strategies - what they are and why they are important.

What are the marketing objectives and strategies for your school?

How many do you need to meet your overall business aims and ensure success?

Marketing may have several objectives and, for each objectives, several strategies. Together they ensure that your school has the best chance of success, whether you measure this by pupil numbers, income from use of assets or perhaps sponsorship.

The Practical Marketing Workbook for Schools guides you through the identification of realistic objectives for your school. It helps you develop and define the strategies needed to achieve your objectives.

With examples for both primary and secondary schools the Workbook simplifies the process. Without discouragement to the creative talents of your school, the Workbook prompts ideas based on what others have found to work for them.

A primary school was situated in a large estate where the number of school age pupils was in rapid decline. It was close to wasteland in a place much favoured by ‘travelers’. As a result the school's ‘image’ or reputation was tarnished by local prejudice against travelers' children and related perceptions of low academic quality.

The governors adopted a strategy of active promotional campaigns aimed at raising awareness of the school and its achievements and countering negative perceptions.
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