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Marketing – and why you should understand it.

Like it or not, we are all exposed to ‘marketing’ every single day in both our working and leisure activities.

Sometimes marketing is obvious, the sales call or bombardment by advertisements for all manner of products and services. Sometimes it can be subtle, making us feel just a little guilty if we don’t say ‘yes’.

Or marketing can be by price, encouragement to buy more for ‘less’, try for free and the linking of seemingly unrelated products – buy the car now and get a free holiday.

Modern businesses cannot survive in such a competitive environment without effective marketing. But what about your school? Surely you do not need to engage in such a practice to ensure future success. Do you? Now is the time to find out.

So, what is it and why is it good for your school?

Is it just about ‘spin’, or is it much more than this?

  • Learn how the components of marketing can really make a difference to the long-term success of your school.
  • Find out what works and what doesn’t.
  • Construct and implement your own marketing plan, tailor made for your school.

The Practical Marketing Workbook for Schools works with you to build a unique marketing plan you can implement, review, update and share with your staff. It is timeless.

Using clear and simple techniques the Workbook takes you through the thought processes with practical examples and anecdotes.

Capture your thoughts and ideas following the structured guidelines using the forms provided. See how they combine to produce a fully documented plan of action.

"The school was about to have a major capital injection to create a unique community campus. It would include a public library, a sports centre and a 50% increase in pupil capacity."

Not many schools face marketing challenges as big as this one. Whatever the scale of the issues you confront that relate to the external facing side of your school, you must consider your marketing strategy and the plan to implement it.

An inspiring marketing objective and plan does far more than merely try to bring in 'bums on seats'. It helps to guide the way you build your school's reputation so that you will gain long lasting benefits.
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